have no fear, i'm still here!

"You have not updated your blog since August 22nd and I am in withdrawal! Give me some new pictures please!!!!"

These are the sort of emails I receive when I don't update my blog regularly. The above is from an email I received yesterday (thanks Sharon!) and it made me realize that yes, I am a tad overdue in the blogging department. Hey, I never said I was the world's best blogger. I do, however, have plans to be more consistent in my blogging.

The lack of blogging is not because I'm lacking things to blog (like that circular reasoning?). Rather, my lack of blogging is due to an overwhelming abundance of things to blog! I don't even know where to start. I've been very busy with weddings, photo field trips, kids, babies, kids, more babies, twins, births... the list goes on.

Have no fear dear blog readers! I'll have plenty of photo yummies up soon.

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At 3:01 PM, Blogger Mark Brooke Photography said...

Great! i can't wait to see the fresh images.


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